Durable Document Delivery

Faxography® is a proprietary durable document delivery system invented and developed by Charles F. Benninghoff III to help you persuade your target that the objectives you want and they desire are the same.

You can do into more detail about how the system is deployed on our About Faxography page.

Our Faxography system is able to deliver hundreds of thousands of personalized, editable faxes a day. Faxography allows for the transmission of FaxGrams from our site at Grassroots Campaign Creations to elected and appointed officials, companies or any other person. Remote Faxography, a deployment of our technology to unrelated websites, allows the transmission of faxes through our servers, seamlessly through your site – no one ever needs to know that your site is not the force behind the fax!

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) recently said that the only thing that defeated the Obama administration’s gun control efforts in 2013 was the hundreds of thousands of concerned citizens who raised their voices and contacted the Senate in opposition. Our system alone delivered tens of thousands of faxes in the effort to deflate Obama.  Faxography has been an integral part of virtually every grassroots campaign against the Washington, DC elite.

You can see from Senator Cruz’ comments why we reach the conclusions we do on our tongue-in-cheek page “Kill the Fax?“!  Surely, both standard machine-to-machine as well as digital delivery of faxes, this medium of communication is always going to be the standby.

Faxography will allow your organizations’ website users to become a part of the national dialogue by interacting directly and immediately with elected officials; and, as well, utilize this wonderful system to enhance revenues and membership following.

Through the use of Grassroots’ patent-pending Faxography system, even the smallest community, charitable or political organizations can develop both national and international impact upon deliberative and decision-making processes.  Using Faxography®, our clientele is able to remotely transmit faxes from one location to another, via our FaxGram servers.

To learn more about Faxography® and Remote Faxography®, please click HERE.